I have taken several modules with various organizations and can honestly say that Teri is the best instructor I have had to date. Her passion for conveying knowledge is evident in her accommodating teaching style and her background in kinesiology provides her students with an enriched learning experience. In Teri’s modules you develop a deeper understanding of the science behind fitness training and exercise prescription; her wealth of experience in the industry prepares you with the tools you’ll need to cater to various demographics and develop a diverse clientele. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Teri and would take another class with her in a heart beat.”

Karen T. 
(BCRPA Personal Trainer, Aqua fit & Group fitness leader)

The knowledge that I learned from her is amazing and she made the entire experience very rewarding and inspiring. Her expertise in the body and fitness, and the way she is able to explain and demonstrate makes it easy to learn from her. I am now on a new path of my life that I never would have dreamed of if it hadn’t been for the dedication and love she show towards teaching. She totally inspired me as I know she has done for many others.

Val S. 
(BCRPA Group fitness leader)

I thoroughly enjoyed taking her courses and found her teaching style effective. She is careful to ensure her students understand the importance of safety. This shows in those that have graduated from her courses. Her commitment to education and the fitness industry is reflective of her creative teaching techniques as she is always up to date on what is new in fitness and is eager to share this with her students.

Natalie D
(General Manager, Sandcastle Fitness, BCRPA Weight Training Instructor)

I really appreciate quality over quantity, that Valerie walks you through the progression of the exercises so that you do them properly and get the best benefit - movement and breathing.

She is consistent with the count pattern of repititions and always gives a "heads up" instruction, letting you know where she is and where she is going - thus we are able to keep up, change on time when she changes and execute the exercises with quality over quantity to the best of our abilities.

Shirley Y- student of Val, graduate of Rezultz Fitness Instructor Courses


What I liked best about the program was feeling good after the class

S. Nielsen

Teri is Brilliant! She’s enthusiastic, knowledgable but most of all presented with humour and an awareness of our limitations. She always introduces a variety of moves /exercises with always an extra something to make it different.

M. Besser

Teri is an excellent instructor employing creative techniques. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, encouraging us to work a bit harder. I love the variety of exercises. Never boring. This program was just what I hoped for.

H. Newman

I loved the varied exercises. Teri explains reasons for exercises and supervises well. The class is fun.

V. Braund

This program (Pelvic floor fitness) was great. It was well worth attending. I will definitely tell others about the importance of this skill.

K. McGreevy

Teri is energetic and tailors the exercises to levels ot the students. She modifies where necessary and is constantly monitoring us and correcting where necessary.

J. Smithaniuk


Teri is an excellent instructor- knowledgable, caring & lots of fun.

Darlene W

"I've often felt concerned by some instructors' lack of teaching skills. Thank you Teri (at Rezultz Fitness) for your patience in making sure that I clearly understand how to safely do each pole move."
Kathryn M (60 years YOUNG)
I suffered from upper back problems for many years, having done the rounds of doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and anti-inflammatory drugs, without any real relief. After working with Teri, my overall physical condition has improved significantly and now I am virtually pain free. She is an excellent teacher employing creative techniques that keep the lessons interesting and challenging. She demonstrates a thorough knowledge of body mechanics and explains these concepts well, for better understanding of the purpose of each exercise. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and it encouraged me to try that little bit harder.
Hannah N

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